I’ve made a Twitter Follower Exchange App! Here is why

I am supposed to be driving around the EU right now, I’ve been planning a road trip with some friends for some months, but sadly we were late and the new wave of Corona cases beat us to it, so I decided to stay home on my holidays and write this blog post.

Well, let’s get back to the title. I’ve created a FollowNinja Twitter Follower Exchange Platform and here is the story on how it all started. 

Aside from being bored at home after my travel plans were canceled, I was thinking about the changes that the internet has gone through for the past decade. It is really different than what I used to remember.

In short, we are stuck with the set of social media services we use, where we get our daily dose of content off them. The whole idea of discovering new content and cool websites is just fading away, at least for most of us. 

The more Social media platforms advance, they become more limited, you ask how is that? Content Curation!

You’re given a chance to choose your a bunch of favorite topic, follow things you like and these sites will do such a good job on delivering both monetized and free content on those subjects, that at some point of the time, you will never look for something more. But is this what we really want? To fill up the room with things we like and believe this is all that is out there.

That is how I decided to hack something up in a couple of off days from work. a complete random follow platform that lets you be heard and makes you hear others. 

How does it Work?

Simple. follow other users without knowing them, and they will follow you back in return. The process is completely mutual, if you unfollow someone or choose to do so, they will unfollow you too. So in short it gets you a random authentic audience. 

Let me know if you joined it, if you used it and if you have any suggestions that can make it better.




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