Ok Google, Please do not play “Someone You loved by Lewis Capaldi”

I don’t know who Lewis Capaldi is, I don’t really wanna know either. but recently he has turned into a problem in my life, and I certainly want him off my Speaker.

I use Google Home speakers, both in my bedroom and living room. I’ve been using Google Speakers for a couple of years now. recently, I feel that their AI experience has degraded, a lot. I don’t know if it is because of me forgetting how to speak English (blame it on being stuck at home for over a year), or the more people are using it is blowing its training models up. whatever is going on, the fact that it almost plays “Someone You Loved by Lewis Capaldi” is becoming intolerable for me.

I’m a pretty extremist when it comes to music, I listen to it every day, everywhere but not everything. I only listen to Post Rock, and sometimes when it gets too dark in my head, I play some random Jazz songs to change the mood.

So dear Google, Spotify, or whoever is to blame, please do not play “Someone You loved by Lewis Capaldi” the next time I ask for: some music or something to play.

I even started to look up ways to block Google from playing a specific song and found this guy claiming on Reddit that saying “hey Google, never play that song again” seemed to help with his wife’s taste of music.

I don’t know if this works yet or not, as a matter of fact right before writing this blogpost I asked it from my Speaker, so I guess fingers crossed to me 🤞🏻

Update 15 May 2021: it’s now 2 days passed since I’ve tried asking my speaker to “never play that song again”, and it seems the solution was working! I have not heard Lweis since then.


  1. I was searching for a reason why Google keeps playing this song when I ask it to play music. It also kept playing Muse, but that at least sounds like the word music
    My solution was to make a routine so if it hears “play someone you loved” then play music. Same for Muse.
    But I can’t for the life of me figure out how it can make that mistake. The song does not in any way fit with my music taste, I’ve never asked for that song. It’s it some incredibly annoying way for the record company to push that song?

  2. I made it hear for exactly the same reason, and I am also stuck with Muse! I am hugely relieved it’s not just me tbh

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