!! Failed to install CPAN Perl module(s) Crypt::PasswdMD5 !! Easy Apache

The new version of cPanel, which is 11.36 is shipped with perl 5.14.3. well this might make some problems for your cpan. some of you might face an error while trying to run easyapache which says: !! Failed to install CPAN Perl module(s) Crypt::PasswdMD5 !! Well to fix this issue just run following command to […]

Fix HTC Cha Cha Memory Problem–Rooting Part1

Well hello everyone. Since I’ve received a lot of request about tutorial about how to fixing HTC Cha Cha memory problem I’ve decided to write this detailed tutorial for you. Well the steps we are doing to do to get it are: Unlock Your HTC Cha Cha phone if it is Locked (S-ON) Root Your […]

Hosts Injector

I brought you a tiny program that allows you to insert any value into windows hosts file. You can add unlimited IP addresses and Host names into your hosts file. This application bypass UAC control in Windows 7 & Vista. Since I was too annoyed of running notepad hosts command in a run as administrator […]

Fix internal memory problem HTC Chacha

Well now I am totally satisfied of my little beautiful chacha! the only thing that bothered me too much was the lack of internal memory. Well if you are looking for a guide to help you increase it or any tips I must tell you, better stop. The only way to do such thing is […]