Send mail test from SSH on cPanel server

To check whether the mail server is working properly in a cPanel server which is running Exim mail server from SSH you can use sendmail script which is located in /usr/lib/sendmail. run the command following with –v emailaddress switch! for example: /usr/lib/sendmail –v [email protected] [email protected] is the recepient email here! once you press enter the […]

503 Service Temporarily Unavailable Fastcgi in Cpanel

Just now I was configuring one server and since the first thing I do is to rebuild apache and install fast-cgi I went through this process. But this server was acting not normal! the websites wouldn’t work when the php handler was set on fcgi! but they were working fine at DSO. I was getting […]

re-index Magento using SSH

Sometimes using SSH to re-index Magento data is the best way to avoid the connection timed out problems in stores which have a big database. To avoid this you can run the re-index PHP code under SSH instead of web browser! to do it simply enter your Magento root folder in your SSH client and […]