Change SSH Port

Changing default SSH port can be one of the steps to improve security in Linux servers. By changing SSH port to something other than port 22 and using a proper firewall you may have a good result on minimizing brute-force attacks to SSH. To change SSH listening port you are required to edit /etc/ssh/sshd_config file. […]

Completely disable email on single cPanel Account

A week ago one of our clients account been compromised and the attacker used the server to blast emails. as a system administrator my task was to prevent any outgoing email from the account before I start to investigate the attack and remove any kind of scripts from the hosting account. Studying cPanel files made […]

Send mail test from SSH on cPanel server

To check whether the mail server is working properly in a cPanel server which is running Exim mail server from SSH you can use sendmail script which is located in /usr/lib/sendmail. run the command following with –v emailaddress switch! for example: /usr/lib/sendmail –v [email protected] [email protected] is the recepient email here! once you press enter the […]