How to check reverse DNS (rDNS)


Reverse DNS lookup (also called rDNS) is the process of determining the hostname with it’s associated IP address. Just same with DNS which is being used to determine the IP address with it’s associated Hostname so actually rDNS or reverse DNS is the reflective state of DNS.

Why Do You need rDNS ?

The most important use of rDNS is to don’t let your server IP address to be listed in Spam Blacklists. It also helps in troubleshooting process of network.

To check the reserve DNS of a given IP address follow above steps.

IN or LINUX/UNIX Based Systems:

$ host [ip address]


$ host

In Unix/Linux/Windows Machines:

$ nslookup [ip address]


$ nslookup


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  1. PS: in order to add rdns to your ip address you need to contact your ISP/Data center!
    most of the time they provide you panel in data centers which includes the feature to change rDNS.

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