Laravel 5.2: entrust migration exception


Today I pulled a fresh Laravel 5.2 (5.2.31) installation to work on the new project in company, when I was trying to install entrust and execute the migration file I was popped by the above exception error in my Console.

Well was the exception is saying the issue is that there is no column specified for the foreign key on users table of my application.

To fix this you can easily open the entrust migration file and add your users table into it.

The reason that this happens is because when entrust is going to make the migration file it looks into config/auth.php file to lookup the name of your users table.

if you open the auth.php file you can see something similar to below in providers section:

entrust looks for table property within this array to find the name of the users table.

To fix the issue and make entrust migration generation works properly you need to add ‘table’ => ‘users’ in this array.

so the output should look like:

Then you can run php artisan entrust:migration and it will create the migration file with proper value for the foreign key reference.

Laravel 5: Manual Pagination From Array.


Laravel documents is not covering anything about making a pagination from your custom array. its very nice and easy to use pagination out of the box with eloquent queries, but if you want to know how to do it with your custom arrays then you might find it hard searching around in their website.

Anyway here is the easy and workable way of making a pagination out of your custom data array.

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Keep Get Variables with Laravel 5 Pagination in Blade

Using pagination in Laravel views using blade will automatically add the pages get request to the page whenever you click on a page number. by default this will cause all other get requests of the page to be removed and replaced by ?pages.

To overcome this you should use the pagination in your blade template like below:

Of course you need to change $yourlist to your variable name which contains the array you wish to paginate.

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Laravel 5 Select Random Row

To select a random row from MySQL using php is not a real hard process. you always can use the rand() function within your queries. but if you are using Laravel and Eloquent Model to work with your database you really should check the random() method out.

Doing a select with your model and using random(1) function will give you a random row from your entire data.  I really think that you should be using this method if you are trying to achieve a random select.


Please note it only works if you are using Eloquent, in case you are using DB class don’t have this method there.

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