Exit scale mode Virtualbox

Virtual Box Scale Mode

Changed your virtualbox view to scale mode and stuck? if You looked everywhere in the software to find how to exit or quit scale mode in virtualbox like me, then I should tell you the answer is to press HOST Key + C. Which means in default case you need to press Right Ctrl + C. This combination is reflective.

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Experience McDonalds Online Ordering in Malaysia

McDonaldsIt’s been a while that McDonalds launched it’s online ordering website in Malaysia! well it could be one of the best news of my life that day! but unfortunately I could not benefit from this amazing phenomena why? haha Open-mouthed smile because I had problem with defining my home address to that stupid website! well anyway 1 week ago I decided to try one more time, and then BINGO ! I found that my address is already there! but how? obviously it was not me who entered it! maybe its them, for sure they entered the address to the accounts based on the telephone number saved in their system! anyway… it’s a good news! So lets do some ordering and see how it works?

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Tracking Down Hacker in cPanel Servers!

Well there is this client of mine using Joomla with thousands of plug-ins and components is being hacked continuously! well the thing is creating a website is always easy! there are thousands of mods, components and other stuff available for open source content management systems like Joomla! but to keep it safe and patched of security holes that are being find everyday! well that is a challenge not everyone can take!

There is a bug somewhere in all these components and plugins which allows the hacker to upload his malicious files into our server. Well seems the attacker is using our server to send spam mails to his haters! I’ve found all the Shellers, and phpmailers he uploaded to the server and waited for him to come back for like 3 days and seems I got him today! He successfully uploaded a PHP Sheller into the media directory of the Joomla.

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rebuild PHP configuration in cPanel

change php handler settings cpanel

as cPanel says PHP handlers deliver PHP programming libraries. each of them deliver the libraries through different files and implementation which of course affects the Apache performance. well actually PHP handlers determine how Apache should servers PHP on a server.

in This tutorial I’m going to show you step by step How to change you PHP handler in a cPanel  server using either SSH or WHM.

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Today’s Story with Gmail Filters.

One of the most lovely things about Gmail is the Filtering feature which I’m using it the most. But there is this interesting story. I’ve had some filters to skip some of the emails from my server which contains some specific words from the inbox and label them, so in that way I would have them in my email as logs. Recently because of stupid spam detection system of Google I’ve found that some of the emails from my server are being ended into Spam folder so I created a new filter which was wide as “ALL EMAILS FROM MY DOMAIN” to not be sent to spam at all! The interesting part is that after creating this new filter I found that the rest of filters about skipping some emails from inbox and moving them to a label is being override by the new filter! I mean there were totally disabled, although they are not related! anyway it’s can be considered as some sort of Bug, but the fix for me was to go to Settings > Filters > Select those filters , Remove them and recreate them again!

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