Pin Tabs are gone in Opera 15


it’s kind of sad to see most of the features of opera does not exist in version 15 anymore. but if you look at the browser and the settings itself it will sound illogical for you. there are so many obvious settings which are missing in Opera 15 and I believe since Opera 15 is a new generation of this web browser we should be hoping that they will be fixed in the new upcoming releases! the pin tabs are one of the most life saving things that opera had! but seems it’s not in the menu in version 15 anymore. but don’t worry! I’ve tried opera next which is (opera 17) at the moment and some of the features including pin tabs are back! so it means that in the next release you will be having your pinned tabs back!

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How to check reverse DNS (rDNS)


Reverse DNS lookup (also called rDNS) is the process of determining the hostname with it’s associated IP address. Just same with DNS which is being used to determine the IP address with it’s associated Hostname so actually rDNS or reverse DNS is the reflective state of DNS.

Why Do You need rDNS ?

The most important use of rDNS is to don’t let your server IP address to be listed in Spam Blacklists. It also helps in troubleshooting process of network.

To check the reserve DNS of a given IP address follow above steps.

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