People in Arak are in danger of Cancer

the picture above shows people of my city are running a protest against the existing dirt such as plumbum in air  caused by running many factories in there. Analytics shows that the existing dirt in the air of Arak is 7 times more than the standard rate.

I hope that the government plan something to reduce the haze as fast as possible since the existence of this material in air increase the risk of cancer highly.

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Milanku Hypomanie

He was cunning out in the woods
crawling behind the trees
an Old hunter is cutting off the deer
He is watching it, waiting for the old man to leave…
to get whatever is left from the poor deer…
Why did happen to the lion… why is he acting like this… where did all his confidence and power go…
the dawn is almost there…
and he is all alone in the woods… the lonesome lion of our story…
So far… So far from what he supposed to be…

(This awesome song is called milanku from the band named hypomanie, Hope you like and enjoy it! please purchase their album to support the artist.)

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The Red Ferrari is mine! WAZE Social GPS


You were looking for some fancy red Ferrari on the road attached with my picture right? well I wish that would happen too! well as you see im being shown as a Ferrari anyway! this is the screen of my lovely HTC cha-cha running Waze. which is a free GPS navigation software available for both iOS and Android users!

What made me to write about this application here today is that I’ve struggled a lot with navigation applications specially after I moved to android! before that I was running windows mobile and of course I was benefiting from the best navigation software of the world Garmin (when I say it’s the best, believe me it is), but since I came into android I had a lot of problem with using those free stuff or even paid applications like PAPAGO which is a real fail!

Since I am using Data packages provided by my carrier Waze became the best option for mine! I do prefer Waze to Google Navigation too!

Good points of Waze

users can report the traffic, accidents, police and whatever that occurs in their way so you can be aware of what you are going to face in next few kilometers, it helps a lot to by pass traffics if you are in hurry, the voice navigation is the best I’ve seen in any other GPS app available on Android even to compare it with Google Navigation.

Whets bad?

Some complain about data requirements, I’ve seen many topics in forums that people are looking for a way to get Waze to work without data connection, which the Waze team clearly announced is not possible!

The other thing is you may see a sudden advertisement of some dinning place or restaurant while driving and it might irritate you if you are afraid of taking the wrong turn,

What are the other nice features?

Waze allows you to send your friends a link which it shows your position on the map! so lets say you are going to your girl friend and she is so excited to know when actually you reach! you can send her the link and that’s it! she can accompany your drive through her computer!

I believe Waze is the best free option available which offers a wide range of features. it does not use much rate of data so you don’t have to be worry much about the data costs. Waze traffic situation is much more accurate than other GPS software because it’s based on people report! The voice navigation is on time, well maintained and stable! Hope you all have a nice journey while using WAZE on your phone!

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