How to root moto g 4.4.4

Moto G Dolby

So I got this OTA for 4.4.4 kitkat yesterday and the first thing I wanted to do after the successfully update was to root it up. I’m using the dual sim version aka XT1033 which some out there in the INTERNET call it as Indian moto g or Asian moto g.

I’ve uploaded a package that includes the TWRP 2633, fastboot and which you can download it here.

before you begin rooting your moto g:

  • make sure you have moto-g usb drivers installed.

so lets begin:

  1. download the file and unzip it.
  2. copy the file to your root directory of moto g.
  3. disconnected the USB.
  4. turn on your phone into bootloader mode.
  5. open a CMD within the folder of this package and type command : “mfastboot.exe flash recovery TWRP-“.
  6. then reboot your phone into recovery and open TWRP.
  7. go for install zip and locate SuperSU zip file and install it.
  8. there you go, you are rooted.
  9. if by any chance you couldn’t see SuperSU installed after rooting, simply download it from Google Play and once update it’s binaries.

Thats all, your Moto G 4.4.4 is rooted.

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  1. hey,
    i could not flash recovery properly. i was able to unlock but as soon as i flashed recovery, on my phone it showed

    cmd: getvar: partition-type:recovery
    cmd: getvar:max-download-size
    cmd: download:007b1800
    cmd: flash:recovery

    what to do now? i mean when i try booting into recovery mode, phone goes blank, flashes now and then, strange lines flashing now and then, i think i have not flashed recovery properly, please guide as to what to do, i used CWM touch module from here :

  2. No buddy, same issue…same four error lines. you have any idea what could be the problem? something wrong with my phone?

  3. hey hey hey, i flashed with twrp and after that as i was trying to reboot into recovery mode and that weird flashing screen thing came, i pressed power button or something( don’t remember right, was just fiddling around) a screen came up with a lock with TWRP written and a swipe lock mechanism at the bottom but it wont work !!it got hang, so i rebooted it , it boot normally, now i dunno how to get hat again, please help !

  4. It’s necessary to unlock boot loader first. This tutorial is a completion for those who lost their root access after upgrading to 4.4.4

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