a Developer Review: First 24 Hour with Surface Pro 3


it’s Finally here, I’ve got my i7 babe. Could not resist it with any other alternatives. this felt so belonging to me after checking all the reviews. there are tones of articles and videos out there reviewing this machine in different aspects. I’m not a marketer, I’m not associated with any competitor, I’m a buyer who choose this device after months of search for cheaper alternatives providing same performance but at the end I came into this, I loved the design and concept since the first, since they released the first version of Surface Pro, But I never seen myself financially ready to invest around $1700 for this.

Well 2 days ago I ordered it from a Local Company here in Malaysia and got it yesterday, I can say this is bold and beautiful. everything looks prefect, it is not just another version of a product pushing as a new trend just to buy some new clients mind. there has been thought behind aspects of design on this product.

it’s beautiful, I got the type cover cause there was no better protection choice, what I imagined after seeing tones of videos was something not too friendly, I knew it’s good for typing, but I was never sure if it’s good for developing on the go. Well I should say the keyboard is way better than many laptop keyboards. it’s thin but it’s working like a real thing.

the screen is amazing, it’s beautiful and gives you the real feeling of quality. on most of your apps you can see the menus and toolbars are small, very small, But it’s totally readable, with the high resolution on this thing you will not miss a thing. I never expect to be able doing photo editing with this on touch, so it’s fine for me to not be able using touch in some graphical apps like photoshop or programming IDEes. touch meant to be for touch, for browsing, for playing.

I installed everything I need on my Work Station. The battery is amazing, it does not show the remaining battery on hourly estimation, after some search I found it’s because of the instantsleep which requires hyper-v to be off, so there is no power options too but you can simply get them by enabling hyper-v.

it gets hot, when I use heavy apps, running virtual machines and so on, so far it’s fine, even my HP Laptop goes that hot when I’m running those kind of things, I don’t wanna hold this while I’m working on a virtual machine right?

the Pen is Good, Really good, the integration with One Note was broken once I installed Microsoft Office, but it solved as quick as a 10 second restart.

the type cover and the kickstand is not really meant to be used on your chest when you lay down, thats what I used to do always with my asus eee pc always.


it’s an amazing device, Only thing I can say is that it’s awesome, workable and handy. I love it. it’s expensive, but considering if you can get the same thing from other brands will convince you that it worths it.

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Overcome Home Screen Redraws and Slow Home Screen on Moto G

Moto G is a great phone but it seems everything is going to fast in term of memory, the companies are coming with phones with larger amount of ram and our phones get slow and retarded in a short time.

I’m running latest Kitkat 4.4.4 and my phone is rooted. using Performance Control app helped me to overcome the redraws which recently happens a lot on Nova Launcher, I’m sure this must be happening to some of you in other launchers too.

Performance Control is an Open source app available on XDA which you can download it’s latest version here.

This app requires root and installed busybox. make sure you install the busybox libraries after getting it from Google Play, installing busybox alone won’t get it done.


After opening Performance Control navigate to Memory Settings and set “Minfree Taskkiller Presets” to Medium. check the tick for “Set on boot” and reboot your phone.

Hope it helps you too.

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