Halloween and Malaysia

Every celebration in Malaysia is same with the other doesn’t matter what is this celebrate for and how should it happen it is all same in Malaysia. You can see fireworks in every celebration in Malaysia. In Halloween you can expect a sexy and beautiful girl on the street more than a scary face! The interesting thing is it looks some people combined Holloween with Masquerade ball.

Like always we were in bukit bintang. it was a good night! …


brining my kid eee pc 1016p to doctor

Today after a long time being sick for my eee pc 1016p I am going to bring it to Asus center to fix it. I hope they can do something! I am afraid of warranty because I just have warranty card not the purchase receipt. But if you want to know what happened to my kid, it fell down from 30 centimeter height Crying face it was very painful for me to see its fell!

DJ Tiesto Adagio for strings on Piano

This guy who named himself as LiveDJFlow export a sheet of the DJ remix of Adagio For Strings from Samuel barber by Tiesto and played it on an acoustic piano. I think it is a good job, Its too fast! the first thing I did after watched this video was trying the sheets and it is over 3 days now my arms are paining! Its really heavy and hard you should try it to understand 😀 look and enjoy! I will attach the sheets on this post. Continue reading “DJ Tiesto Adagio for strings on Piano”