Linus Torvalds called Fedora Project Stupid and Smashed them away!

Linus Torvalds Called Fedora Project Stupid

Linus Torvalds the father of Linux posted a direct complaining message on Google+ addressed to Fedora Project People. It resulted accusations and veiled insults later on.

Torvald posted his anger as a simple question saying: why not Fedora developers regenerate the distribution images with newer kernels and packages?

“Is there some basic reason why you never regenerate the install images? Right now the F19 install images use some ancient 3.9-based kernel. Which means that they may boot on most machines, but it’s missing wireless ID’s for new laptops etc, so making it useful is unnecessarily painful,” said Linus Torvalds.

Shotrly after posting that some Fedora Developers tried to explain that they could not afford to put people on testing and they don’t want to release images that might not work later.

“Because right now you say ‘we don’t have Q&A to verify the images,’ and I’m telling you that’s [expletive], because the old image is known to be broken, so claiming that the new images might be broken is all kinds of stupid, isn’t it?” said Torvals. He didn’t stop there.

“So all your arguments are just [expletive] stupid. Call it F19.x, warn people that it’s ‘more up-to-date,’ and just stop making stupid excuses for having an image THAT DOES NOT WORK, because you want to not test whether the new image MIGHT NOT WORK,” also said Torvalds.

You can check the whole conversation here.

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wifi connection drops in every period?


Yesterday I went to my friend house to chill with him and while I was checking my stuff online I noticed that the connection suddenly dropped for a second then it connected again. I asked him why is it like that and he said ever since they setup the internet its like this for like every 2 hour something. Well it could be a issue with Wi-Fi router but there is always more chance of miss-configuration in such situations!

The Wi-Fi Channel setting may cause connection drops in some cases! So if you faced your Wi-FI keep dropping the connection the first thing you can do for troubleshooting it, is to go into the router configuration and set the channel manually. it’s a normal action that connection drops when the channel is being changed by router.

So yesterday I went straight into my friend’s Wi-Fi router setting and set it channel 6 manually and seems it was working fine after that.