how to check domain mx records with nslookup


So I have this client whom recently moved to Google Apps and I wanted to make sure if she has setup her mx records properly for her domain as she complaining about the email issue. Thus I thought it could be useful to post this quick tip here.

Lets get to the job, if you are linux open your Terminal and if you are on Windows launch Command Prompt.

You first need to launch nslookup tool by typing “nslookup”. Then you will need to tell nslookup to look for mx records by giving it “set q=MX” option, and in the end type the domain name you want to be checked.

So an example of the whole process will be :


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Broken fonts in Google Chrome


Only after Google Chrome on my computer updated itself to it’s latest stable version which is “Version 38.0.2125.101 m” I started noticing that some issues with fonts on websites I daily use! most of the websites had this ugly time new romans looking font on them while their css styles in the inspect element was showing the font addressing in styles is fine!

but seems it’s not only font’s that is being broken, I could not see some contents which were in Persian properly too, it seems the new version of Google Chrome somehow messes up with the Encoding of the Page!

At first I thought it is some plugin update or something that caused it, you know chrome is too friendly to badwares of developers who inject ads and other extras to pages without your authorizaiton through plugins, thus I disabled all the plugins but I found there is no chance for a fix! I even reset all the settings I had on my chrome!

I found out this issue is fixed on the Canary Version of chrome which is  basically the next upcoming version which is still under it’s final test.  So it’s clear this issue will be fixed on the “Version 40.0.2184.0” of chrome as the current latest canary is stating it in it’s about page!

By the way I suggest you all to check out Opera too, I’m an extremist Opera lover! I’m using chrome only for having different session on some websites! 😀

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Repair or Optimize all MySQL Databases in SSH

mysqlcheck gives you this ability to repair, optimize and analyze databases stored in your server. one of the good uses of this app is to mass repair, optimize or analyze all the existing databases on the server.

In order to achieve any of those mysqlcheck can be used as below:


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