sql-bench damn man!

Today was the third day of my official working in a DATA Center. After getting over all problems of VMWare and other stuffs, Working on SQL-BENCH started. It was such a hard thing to do because the servers that I supposed to benchmark were running directadmin as a contorl panel which by default does not […]


It is about 1 year now I didn’t touch piano buttons but these days I missed it a lot and I think I really need it, I am seeking for a digital one here because it will be hard for me to move it in future. I will play for her, she may not listen […]

Fountain – Together we will live for ever

Fountain was one of the wonderful movies I have seen in whole of my life and the most important thing that made this movie different from others was the soundtracks. This one is amazing and the movie finished with this soundtrack. if anyone wants to get the piano sheet contact me. Incoming search terms:mahdi fountain […]