Me and My Moto X Pure Edition

Moto X Pure Edition

It’s finally here, For the past 24 hour I was busy all playing with it. Finally my Moto X arrived. Although I was supposed to receive it today, I could not resist waiting and I went to the Local courier Skynet and pick it up myself. All I can say, it’s awesome and I’m not regret at all.

This is not my first Motorola phone. for the past 2 years I was using a Moto G for daily and to be honest that was one of the best phones I have ever owned. Although when I bought it Motorola was still belong to Google and wasn’t sold to Lenovo yet and the news made me kind of sad in the beginning, but checking out other Motorola phones made me believe that they still rock, even though their name is now apended with  ‘a Company By Lenovo’.

I am thankful to techbug guys who made it possible for me to own this phone. I have been looking to buy this phone in Malaysia for the past few months. I do not think I would be able to get my hands to it any soon if it wasn’t because of them. make sure you check them out if you are in Malaysia too and you want this phone badly.

Everything seems well with it, as I expected. First thing after the initial setup was upgrade to Android M. I got the OTA right away and I can say it’s perfect.

I’ll be writing more about it soon. I’m still exploring this beast.


Farther than we could see

The song is on repeat, it lingers myself in my mind. me in an empty room, standing by the mirror.

Looking and that stranger, that old me. Even I left myself, farther than anyone could see.

the only thing left, is that old memory of you, and the feeling of cold ground.


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Entropay suspended my Account due to imaginary chargebacks


it was almost a year that I was using Entropay, not in a big size but for small transactions. All I had done through them was less than 200 bucks within this year. I was using them to make payment to some merchants which I didn’t want to provide them my real card numbers. Anyway on 13th of November after I reached home I found an Email coming from EntroPay in my inbox that is saying “Your Username is (X) and Your Account is Suspended.)

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Usage of Expert Systems in Medical Diagnosis

A medical diagnosis expert system can be used in doctors waiting room and patients can use the touch screen to answer symptoms questions. The system will search for the diseases and symptoms and will result a list of possible diagnosis that can help the doctor for further investigations.

What are the advantages of Medical Diagnosis Expert System?

  • It helps the doctor on saving time, so doctor will not need to ask about each symptoms the patient is facing by himself.
  • It will give a suggestion of diagnosis to the doctor based on the information in the database
  • It clearly has a higher amount of information in the memory than doctor, so it can save up doctors time in searching.
  • The knowledge base of this system can easily be extended or updated.

What are the Disadvantages of Medical Diagnosis Expert System?

  • It may be hard to describe symptoms to the computer program
  • It lacks of human touch, means personal checkup of the doctor out of symptoms.
  • It relies on basic level of skills from users.

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