Fountain – Together we will live for ever

Fountain was one of the wonderful movies I have seen in whole of my life and the most important thing that made this movie different from others was the soundtracks. This one is amazing and the movie finished with this soundtrack. if anyone wants to get the piano sheet contact me.

Happy birthday

24th of April date of birth for 2 my friends. I hope them a good future and wish them best things. I know one of them doesn’t want to see me anymore and refused my gift but I couldn’t not to tell her happy birthday wish. It is ok and I am trying to be happy with my previous happy stories.


My google Adsense Disabled!

What the fuck! They disabled my account for crap! Invalid click! I just earned 35$! What the hell is this supposes to mean? Someone clicked on my ads frequently to take my adsense down or their detection system is just a crap! Whatever I sent my request to reactive it and I hope they will otherwise I will move to other systems such as yahoo publisher or Microsoft ads center and I hope they are not like this.