time changed everything

destiny is destiny, nothing can change it! time just shows it up. each second of your life goes just to show you more about life, goes to you know people more and realize that how much different you are with them. Time shows you who they are who claimed that love you, it shows who they are those who claimed they are your friend. Time shows the real meaning of this words “for ever”. And its when we say “time changed everything”

Here is a beautiful piece which made me think about what I was and what I am and I will be!

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mens fashion tips

Today I have a review on a new product which is specific for mens fashion. Which is really important to success in business and life but mostly mens forget it.

You Want To Look Sharp and Smart in Your Suit, Shirts, and Ties?

this product actually helps you to Discover The Easiest Concepts In Dressing for Success. Achieve Smooth and Well-Coordinated Colors & Patterns Applicable To All Types of Men’s Clothing.

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It is about 1 year now I didn’t touch piano buttons but these days I missed it a lot and I think I really need it, I am seeking for a digital one here because it will be hard for me to move it in future. I will play for her, she may not listen my playing anymore like how she is not listening to my words anymore. 🙁